Belladonna Plaster is still available for prescription and remains reimbursable

If you previously obtained Belladonna Plaster on prescription and now have problems receiving the product please show your Doctor, Pharmacist or healthcare provider this notice:

——- Important message to users and healthcare providers ——-

Recently NHS Prescription Services redirected Belladonna Adhesive Plaster (Cuxson Gerrard & Co. Ltd.) from the Part IX (Appliances Section) of the Drug Tariff to a licensed medicine entry in the NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices database. Previously available as Belladonna Adhesive Plaster they are now described on prescribing systems as Belladonna Medicated Plaster.

Manufacturers Code PIP Code Belladonna Each Plaster Size Legal Category
BEL350 404-2826 Pack of 2 plasters 12.5cm x 9.5cm x 2 Plasters P
BEL450 033-9044 Large Plaster 28cm x 17.5cm x 1 plaster P


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Belladonna Plaster Available on Prescription

Contains Belladonna Alkaloids. Always read the label.