Muscular Tension and Strain

Muscular tension is a condition where the muscles within the body remain semi-contracted for an extended period. Muscular tension may result from the physiological effects of stress or from overuse, poor posture or minor injury to the muscles

Where infrequent stress is involved the body can recover quickly from the physiological, psychological, and emotional changes that this stress brings on and any resulting muscle tension is usually temporary and without problem. However if stress is very frequent or sudden, the body’s response can be prolonged and lead to, commonly, muscle tension and muscle pain (particularly in one or two muscle groups), stiffness and back, neck and headaches.

Where there is muscular overuse caused by prolonged repetitive movement or poor constricted posture then Repetitive Strain Injury which causes tension, tightness and pain in muscles, tendons and nerves can arise.

Muscular strain or a ‘pulled muscle’ is a physical trauma to muscle caused by force applied along the length of the muscle. That force can come from over contraction of the muscle itself or from over stretching of the muscle.

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